Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A visit from my new friend and a trip to MD Eastern Shore

Do you know what happens when a homeschool mom has to take her child in for a long medical procedure? I found that out today! Mt Pleasant's hs friend has four children, so she called her hs friends to see if they could take one of her other children for the day, and permit her to focus her attention just on the one child having the medical procedure. Isn't that cool! A tight-knit community helping each other out.

So very early this morning 'Smiley Face' came to Mt Pleasant with his school books and did school here at Mt Pleasant. The boys all worked very hard so that when 'Smiley Face's' mom returned at noon he had his work completed. The boys and 'Smiley Face' got a little play time in too.

I liked watching them work. Of course in this photo Boy #2 was still eating his breakfast of bacon and chocolate milk.

After dinner we headed out to Dog Obedience School. Brutus is learning obedience, and the oldest boy is being trained too. Since they were away in Kansas last week they missed a class and so we drove to a make-up class. It was quite a far drive to Earlville, MD, but I soon learned just how pretty the Eastern Shore of Maryland is. There was a mix-up and we arrived 45 minutes early, and soon learned that the class was only on week 2 and not week 3 as Mt Pleasant had been told. They decided to take a drive through the country-side and show me a bit of the Eastern Shore. Soon we came to Mt Harmon Plantation.

Maryland, including the Eastern Shore area has numerous plantation homes. It was past their closing time so we drove on. The Eastern Shore is called this because it lies east of the Chesapeake Bay. Throughout this area there are numerous inlets, streams, creeks, and rivers. In this photo the DelMarVa pensisula is shown laying between the Chesapeake Bay on the west and the Delaware Bay on the east. Maryland has a tiny strip of land on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay, and oh my, is it pretty there.

As we drove home we came to one such creek. Or is this an inlet?This body of water was only accessible by permit. But isn't it just beautiful.

On the way home we purchased a few quarts of strawberries from an Amish boy. Ummm, they were good and the boys ate them all before we got home so we don't have a photo of the berries. Imagine that, and they didn't share with me either.

Monday, May 28, 2007

I've arrived in Mt Pleasant Academy, Delaware

I arrived in Delaware! The stamps gave my presence away to the MtPleasant folks. Soon I was introduced to:

Agamemnon the African Lab frog from Grow-A-Frog folks. See him there just to my left? He's just 7 months old and still growing. Agamemnon breathes air but lives in water all the time. This summer, I was told, he will start eating worms from MtPleasant's garden. When he starts eating them he will grow quite a lot, or so they hope.

Next I was introduced to Rabbit. There are many rabbits in their yard but this one just stays put. The rabbits love to eat the lush yard grass but they must hide from the foxes and run fast when the crows attack. Finally I was introduced to Brutus the Buckeye. Actually he is a 6-month old puppy, one of the gentle giant breeds. He promises not to hurt me while I am staying with Mt Pleasant Academy. Brutus is named after the mascot for The Ohio State University although most folks believe he is named Brutus because of his size. Presently he weighs about 85#. He's kept on a leash in the house so that if he misbehaves, which is quite infrequently these days, he can be quickly caught and disciplined. They tell me that when they discipline him he is put through a series of Sit-stays, and Down-stays, but never, ever hit or yelled at. That just isn't an approach Mt Pleasant uses with her dog or her children.

Tomorrow we have school and a new friend is coming for the day. It is time to go to bed.