Thursday, March 08, 2007

Excitement at the Pickle House

I was going to write about the water cycle today as that is what the picklets and I learned about yesterday. As it turned out, because of the water cycle The Pickles garage was saved from fire.

This is where the fire started. I am sad to report that one of my cousins (not of the ornament type but rather the mouse) has been accused in the starting of the fire. Though no one really knows what happened it is believed that a rodent was in the cabinet and ignited it by chewing on chemical bottles.

This is a slide that was up in the rafters. It got really, really hot up there and the whole roof is gonna have to be replaced. There were many plastic things in the rafters and there are many many strings of plastic dangling from the ceiling.

This is me in a string of plastic.

Over all, The Wicked Pickles know how lucky they were. Cool came in from work and said, "The garage in on fire!" Gherty called 911, went to the basement and cut the electricity and by the time she got back up the stairs and to the door the sirens were wailing. They fire department was here in less than 2 minutes. No one was hurt and things can be replaced. Someone was watching over them last night.


Frankie said...

Oh my gosh! Glad everyone is safe and sound.

That naughty cousin of yours.

mull-berry said...

Shocking! Glad no one was hurt. Good thing Addie's there to help clean up!