Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Relay For Life

Last Friday night I had the time of my life! In the small town of Middletown, Delaware the fields become filled with teams, (folks raising money and awareness for American Cancer Society) who are having fun being part of Relay For Life. Enjoying life, singing and dancing, and celebrating being alive. The evening began with the Survivor Walk---Cancer Survivors with their caretaker walk the first lap. Then all the teams walk :

The teams are dancing and cheering and having a great time.
After the teams all walk the track, the entertainers play music through the night so the walkers have entertainment. Here are my new friends Jay and Denise. The sing beautifully!

Each team must have at least one team member walking the track at all times, through the night and into the next morning. When darkness comes the luminares are lit:
There were so many luminares that the track was totally lit for the quarter-mile track! The teams walk through the night and the luminares light continued till almost morning. I was tired!

But maybe not as tired as my team mates. Everyone seemed to be sleeping!
Here I am!

This crazy kid (MtPleasants SK) walked all through the night, and told me he walked over 30 miles! Can you imagine! He told me that he walked for his Grandma who died from lung cancer before he was born, and he walked for his GrandDad who is in Stage 4 colon cancer.

Here's the Relay For Life website.

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