Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Delaware State Seashore

This morning we headed south to the Delaware Seashore State Park. Just over this dune is the Atlantic Ocean. The water was warm, the waves mild and I saw dolphins. Lots and lots of dolphins.
Here I am. Can you guess what that is in the background? The tall thing sticking up just to my right? Do you know? Well, let me tell you.
Back in World War 2 there was fear that the Germans would attack Philadelphia, or other ports along the eastern seacoast. Just north of these towers is the entrance to the Delaware Bay, and upstream from the Delaware Bay lies the ports of Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA. These towers were used as lookout towers, and thus this beach we were at today is rightly named Tower Beach. Today you cannot go up in these towers, but they still stand as a little reminder to Delaware's role in helping to play a role in the coastal watch.
I also met Michele, a very, cool, homeschooling mom and a dear friend to Mt Pleasant Mom. Soon she will be moving to West Virginia and I'm hoping that I will be able to visit her sometime in the near future. But I heard that I will be heading north very soon. Delaware has been fun to visit and I've seen some really neat sites.


Finn & Slinky said...

Ahhh ... this brings back memories of our trip to the Atlantic Ocean just last year. Sounds like you're having a blast!

LAA and Family said...

Hi, I found your blog via a comment you left on All About (my) Boys. The tower you mentioned reminds me of a tower that used to be down in VA Beach off of 67th street. I worked at a Beach Club there for military families in the mid-1980s. The tower belonged to the Navy and was also a remnant from WWII days for the purpose of watching the waters, near the entrance of Chesapeake Bay. It looked a bit different, more like a water tower. It was a "box" shape up on poles that you accessed via a ladder. It was taken down some time in the 1990's I believe.