Thursday, June 14, 2007

Adventure to French Creek State Park

This morning Mt.Pleasant Mom decided that we should all go for a walk through the woods. I expected us to just go for a little walk, but that's NOT what we did. Oh my NO. We traveled north from Delaware into Pennsylvania, through the Amish countryside:Past beautiful farmlandl

And finally to French Creek State Park. I was given a back-row seat, LOL, but the view was wonderful.

And as I mentioned earlier, we hiked and hiked and hiked. OK, so I rode in the pack, but I had to keep a-look-out for blue markers. We followed the Boone Trail:
The park rangers put a blue stripe high up on the trees for hikers to follow so that they know where to hike. These two boys really know how to follow the trail:

Once in awhile they checked their location and our hiking distance on the GPS. We did lose the trail once .....

As we hiked I spotted some signs of woodpeckers. Look at these holes! Thankfully I didn't get lost in one of them.
I also spotted a caterpillar traveling down the tree.
And look at this moth's camouflage!
Finally after 4 hours of hiking, and many, many miles we reached Hopewell Lake.

We saw boats and sailboats on the shore that are surely used on this lake on hot summer days. Today was not a hot day but just the right temperature for a walk through the woods.
The ride back home was through beautiful Pennsylvania farmland, rolling hills growing corn.


Frankie said...

GREEN with envy...I blogged about this. This is where my ancestors are from!

mull-berry said...

What a fun adventure! It's cool that you took the dog. Does s/he have to stay on a leash?

MtPleasant said...

The State Park rules require that the dog be on a 6' foot leash, and with a person at all times. He heels wonderfully so it is easy for him and us to be on the trail together.