Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Delaware State Seashore

This morning we headed south to the Delaware Seashore State Park. Just over this dune is the Atlantic Ocean. The water was warm, the waves mild and I saw dolphins. Lots and lots of dolphins.
Here I am. Can you guess what that is in the background? The tall thing sticking up just to my right? Do you know? Well, let me tell you.
Back in World War 2 there was fear that the Germans would attack Philadelphia, or other ports along the eastern seacoast. Just north of these towers is the entrance to the Delaware Bay, and upstream from the Delaware Bay lies the ports of Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA. These towers were used as lookout towers, and thus this beach we were at today is rightly named Tower Beach. Today you cannot go up in these towers, but they still stand as a little reminder to Delaware's role in helping to play a role in the coastal watch.
I also met Michele, a very, cool, homeschooling mom and a dear friend to Mt Pleasant Mom. Soon she will be moving to West Virginia and I'm hoping that I will be able to visit her sometime in the near future. But I heard that I will be heading north very soon. Delaware has been fun to visit and I've seen some really neat sites.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sassafras River Adventure

One of the things I've learned in my Adventure to Delaware is that there is water everywhere. Most of it is 'flat water'. That's a term canoeists use to refer to water that has a current but is flat, and free of rapids. Mt. Pleasant Mom took me to just one of those rivers on Thursday.

It is the Sassafras River and it flows from East to West, from the very western edge of Delaware through Maryland to Maryland's Eastern Shore. That's what the land is called that is on the eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay, and the Sassafras River flows into the Chesapeake Bay. We didn't see the Chesapeake on this trip since the river gets quite choppy and rough close to its mouth and is highly affected by the tidal flow. Instead we went floating on the part nearer its source.

But first we had to put the canoe and kayak onto the car:
No, I didn't ride up here even though I wanted to. The sightseeing would have been quite good though. When we got to the river the boys put the boats onto the shore and took some photos of me.

It is low tide and even though we are miles and miles upstream from the Chesapeake Bay this river is very affected by the tidal flow. It even tastes salty.
In 6 hrs the water will be a foot deep here but we were out and back before that happened.

I couldn't take the camera along cause it might have gotten very wet on our adventure, but let me share with you what we saw. We saw Great Blue Herons, six and ten at a time!

The water is teaming with fish and we watched the Great Blue Heron catch fish along the river. We also spotted a Bald Eagle and two juvenile eagles! What a sight. There was a little bird chasing the Bald Eagle away too.

We saw catfish, huge catfish that were at least 3 feet in length and that's no fish story. There were turtles and tortoises, and squirrels, and a Canada Goose pair guarding their young. It is a natural area with few houses along the shore so the wildlife is teaming here. We didn't see any other mice though :-)

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

We had planned to head to Dover International Speedway for a walk around the monster track but unfortunately it rained in the morning. Rain causes the track to be all wet and from what we've heard the sides are so steep that it would too dangerous for anyone to be on the track.

Always having a back-up plan to keep Mice and Young Men out of trouble Mt. Pleasant Mom put us all to work.
First we went to the yard and got a scoop of Eastern Maryland White Rocks. Then we shoveled,

and shoveled:
and shoveled:
and shoveled:
I know what you are thinking. You're thinking that I'm just watching all this, but you would be wrong. Nope, I was supervising!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Adventure to French Creek State Park

This morning Mt.Pleasant Mom decided that we should all go for a walk through the woods. I expected us to just go for a little walk, but that's NOT what we did. Oh my NO. We traveled north from Delaware into Pennsylvania, through the Amish countryside:Past beautiful farmlandl

And finally to French Creek State Park. I was given a back-row seat, LOL, but the view was wonderful.

And as I mentioned earlier, we hiked and hiked and hiked. OK, so I rode in the pack, but I had to keep a-look-out for blue markers. We followed the Boone Trail:
The park rangers put a blue stripe high up on the trees for hikers to follow so that they know where to hike. These two boys really know how to follow the trail:

Once in awhile they checked their location and our hiking distance on the GPS. We did lose the trail once .....

As we hiked I spotted some signs of woodpeckers. Look at these holes! Thankfully I didn't get lost in one of them.
I also spotted a caterpillar traveling down the tree.
And look at this moth's camouflage!
Finally after 4 hours of hiking, and many, many miles we reached Hopewell Lake.

We saw boats and sailboats on the shore that are surely used on this lake on hot summer days. Today was not a hot day but just the right temperature for a walk through the woods.
The ride back home was through beautiful Pennsylvania farmland, rolling hills growing corn.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Relay For Life

Last Friday night I had the time of my life! In the small town of Middletown, Delaware the fields become filled with teams, (folks raising money and awareness for American Cancer Society) who are having fun being part of Relay For Life. Enjoying life, singing and dancing, and celebrating being alive. The evening began with the Survivor Walk---Cancer Survivors with their caretaker walk the first lap. Then all the teams walk :

The teams are dancing and cheering and having a great time.
After the teams all walk the track, the entertainers play music through the night so the walkers have entertainment. Here are my new friends Jay and Denise. The sing beautifully!

Each team must have at least one team member walking the track at all times, through the night and into the next morning. When darkness comes the luminares are lit:
There were so many luminares that the track was totally lit for the quarter-mile track! The teams walk through the night and the luminares light continued till almost morning. I was tired!

But maybe not as tired as my team mates. Everyone seemed to be sleeping!
Here I am!

This crazy kid (MtPleasants SK) walked all through the night, and told me he walked over 30 miles! Can you imagine! He told me that he walked for his Grandma who died from lung cancer before he was born, and he walked for his GrandDad who is in Stage 4 colon cancer.

Here's the Relay For Life website.