Saturday, April 14, 2007

I went to Jackson, MS

Today, I got to ride in the Yellow Bug car. Just look at that moss in the trees across the street. You don't see that in the north. I went with Wisteria and Princess to Jackson for ballet rehearsal. Princess had a two hour rehearsal at the Mississippi Arts Center. Unfortunately, the ballet dictators wouldn't let me in the door of the studio. So, I am a little short and I didn't bring my tights. Maybe it was because I don't have legs. I think they are being a little short sighted.

Wisteria and I just sat outside and talked with other ballet moms. Mississippi Museum of Art has just moved to a huge, new to them, facility so there was not much to see at the Arts Center. There were some gospel groups practicing, so I got to hear that. If the weather had not been so foul we could have visited the new art museum and looked at the fountain at Thalia Mara Hall. Sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm not.

We got to eat at Beagle Bagel and shop at the Jazzy Dancer. We got to drive through a scary thunderstorm. I got to see downtown Jackson, MS. This was a good day.

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mull-berry said...

Holy Moss, Batman! Hope she is behaving herself ... you, too!!!