Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Visit to the Cheese Factory

What better place for a mouse to visit? What I learned:

Three of these towers filled with milk are used 6 days a week to make fresh cheese curds.
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The milk is sent, via an underground pipe, across the street where it is made into cheese curds. This is me on the cooooold pipe.

This is a picture of the silos on the side of the street I am on. One is very very cold and one is warm.

Inside the building the cheese curds blow out chutes and are collected in these big vats. A rake like thing rakes them for hours separating the curds and whey.

The cheese factory sells the fresh curds to customers as well as sell them in bulk quantities to Kraft. So the next time you eat any cheesy meals from Kraft you will know where some of the cheddar cheese came from!

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