Saturday, March 03, 2007

Eclipse, Ghost Rider and Chinese Food

What a busy evening I have had. The Pickle Family decided to go out for a bit to eat and to see a movie. I am so glad they took me along.

We all loaded into the van and headed to town. On the way to town we got to see part of the lunar eclipse. The moon was reddish. Cool pulled the van over so Gerky (that's what her friends call her) could take a picture. The wind was blowing so hard she couldn't get a clear shot, but it does show the red.

When we got to town Gerky bought tickets to Ghost Rider. While she was in the theater she snagged front row seats in the balcony PLUS she talked to one of the volunteers and got permission for ME to help run the film projector. That is an important job and the film was sooo big! The movie was scary at some points but it was really good.

When the movie ended we went to eat at the local Chinese restaurant. Oh yum! They had a big Buddha that the whole Pickles family rubbed the tummy of and made a wish. The owners wrote my name in Chinese for me. It is very different from the letters we use.

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