Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Icy Iowa

I am finally here in Iowa. I arrived safe and sound this morning about 10:30. I actually arrived about 8:30 but since they didn't know Ihad arived, I was left in the cooooold mailbox for a while. Finally Sweet, on her way home from the library, stopped and picked me up. I can say two things about Iowa. 1. It's cold. 2. It's icy. Gherkin took this picture to show you the ice. I faded but it is a nice look at the ice out the window.

Today is Polar Bear Day and in honor of that the science turned into "Polar Bears". The "picklets" at Wicked Pickles showed me how to study their way. We watched a movie called Mammals: Polar Bears on the computer. We learned that Polar Bears have up to 4 inches of blubber (that's as tall as I am!) and that blubber helps keep the polar bears insulated. The picklets included me in their hands-on blubber experiment. I got to experience first hand just how blubber insulates a mouse! I have to admit it was really scary to go head first into a plastic bag filled with blubber but I was very warm sitting in the bowl of ice water.

In honor of my first night in the house, Gherkin made a pasta dish with asparagas. I love nibbling on things such as that. She gave me a HUGE plateful but I could only eat a little bit. Mice have very little tummies you know!

I am very tired. I have had a long and cold journey from PA, but The Wicked Pickles have opened their doors and hearts to me. I anticipate a wonderful and fun stay. Gherkin has told me that we won't be heading out anytime this week since there is another ice storm due tomorrow thru Friday. Boy am I glad I got here today!

Sweet has made a great bed for me and let me use a doll so I don't get too homesick. Yawnnnnn...it is time for me to head to bed so I am ready to study with the "picklets".

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