Saturday, February 03, 2007

Adventures in Pennsylvania, Part II

MotherCrone and Girlie had a lovely time talking with the museum director, gathering information for Girlie's artist biography. They visited the gift shop, then came to find me before venturing on the paths.

I was enjoying this lovely scenery while resting on my rock. We all had a sense of awe as we started along the path that followed the old stone walls. Girlie wondered aloud if we were actually walking where Audubon had walked, on his way back from his daily wanderings.

I was getting a little bored after sitting for so long, and thought it would be fun to play a little game of hide-and-seek along the trail.

Here I am! I was wishing I had worn something a little less obvious than hot pink right about now....

Girlie took a minute to pose for a picture as we were crossing over a man-made bridge. She pointed out that the remains of the stone bridge were still down at the base, more evidence that these paths were very, very old indeed.

She suddenly turned around and motioned for us to stop and be quiet. She had seen something up ahead, and were slowly crept forward to join her.

I must tell you, I had not problem with this, but even MotherCrone managed to be 'quiet as a mouse." As we walked, trying not to rustle leaves or snap twigs, Girlie was about to explode from excitement. we rounded the bend and saw exactly why she was in such a state....
A grey heron, standing right at the streams edge! The water looked so cold, yet it stood there contently popping its head in and out of the water. We were able to get about fifteen yards from it before it began to get a nervous.
Girlie borrowed the camera to take this picture. We decided to let it be, and walked back the way we came. I was starting to get quite cold, so Girlie popped me in her pocket. We all walked back to the car, quite happy to have had such a lovely adventure.
Next week, we are going to see the Liberty Bell!

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mull-berry said...

Looks like you're having a fantastic time!