Thursday, February 15, 2007

Addy Visits Homeschool Learning Center

Good morning everybody! This past Monday, I had a wonderful time visiting the homeschool learning center with MotherCrone's gang. Here I am with Girlie and part of the musical theater class. Boy, can those kids sing and act. I had a great time dancing to the beat.
Some of you have asked about the learning center. It is not a co-op, but has morphed from one into an actual learning center with a lot of different teachers and classes. The center meets on Mondays only, and goes from September to May. Students will often get grade appropriate assignments from each class to do during the week in addition to their own work which reflect the class and are grade appropriate. Many of the classes give grades and assessments for portfolios.
While some of the teachers are indeed homeschooling parents, the resumes' and diversity are impressive. Others are tried and true teachers of the best sort, who understand and respect homeschooling, and love teaching such an eager group of students. There are over twenty teachers on staff every year, and close to sixty classes available for kids K-12 each Monday.
The learning center can be used for various reasons. It is an excellent way to get group classes for homeschooled kids in subjects like theater, physical education, and chorus. Many use it to help with specialized subjects, like foreign language and fine arts. Still others like want their children to learn to take instruction from a teacher who is not their parent and practice organization and listening skills in a classroom setting . There are those students who take as few as one class or as many as seven, and study halls are offered in between.
All involved love having a place where the kids have a group of peers who all homeschool. While there is a lot of diversity among the kids, the one constant is that they have a group of friends where they do not have to explain their lifestyle choice. They get it, and live it. They love their families. While my kids have always had friends who were not homeschooled, there is something special and understood in these friendships.
If anyone lives in near Easton, PA , and is interested in these classes, please contact MotherCrone. We have families from both PA and NJ, and many who drive close to an hour. It is THAT worth it!

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