Sunday, January 14, 2007

What's this white stuff?

I don't know if I like Minnesota or not, it's awfully cold! We've had below 0 windchills this week. Thankfully Thomas and Frankie didn't go out of the house much. When we had our pictures taken, it was 10 degrees with a -12 windchill.

Thomas did insist on taking me sledding. We didn't stay out long as Thomas couldn't find his mittens (and his mom didn't give him any pie, either). What you can't see in the photo is that it was SNOWING. Big, huge flakes and coming down fast.

There's this thing called a winter storm watch that means that it is possible for us to get a lot of snow. Well, when it started snowing, we were quickly upgraded to a warning -- which means it's here. We already have two inches of new snow and are expecting 6-8 tonight and possibly 6-8 more tomorrow! Good thing Frankie stocked up at the grocery store today.

I think the snow is great, it's just better when watching it from a cozy, warm house. I think I'll snuggle up with the cat and look out the window.

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